Drifter Repairs & Services

Weco has been repairing drifters for over two decades and we are proud to boast a dedicated workshop which houses the complete repair process.

Specialising in multiple major drifter brands.


We repair a variety of different drifter brands. Each drifter is allocated an individual job number which tracks it throughout the repair process, this job number is then linked to the machines serial number as well as the customer. We use this Job Number as the foundation of our comprehensive job tracking and repair file. Over the years we have been able to use this information to print “Book of Life” files for our customers.


Receiving and shipping

Each drifter undergoes the same procedure in our workshop, it is received into our system using our Electronic Content Management Software, Laserfiche, photos are taken of the drifter to ascertain its condition on receipt, these are used later in the reporting phase.
The drifter is sandblasted to clean it of all debris and oil and then it is stripped by our qualified team of artisans, photos and notes are taken at each step to ensure we have an accurate record of the machine’s condition.


The bodies and critical components are then sent to the CMM machine in our meteorology department for quotation on refurbishment.
The quote is then completed, at Weco we prefer to do a comprehensive quote, that is to say we measure each component and detail its cause of failure or wear. Our quotation room is temperature controlled and contains all the necessary measuring equipment needed to measure to 0.01mm tolerances on the drifter components.
The Inspection Report then summarises the root cause of failure of the drifter as well as methods for avoiding the failure in the future, this is attached to the official quotation for the customer.


Upon receiving the official order we then begin the assembly procedure, we have strict procedures for the repair process which ensure each drifter is built in the same manner and that quality remains consistent.


The drifter then moves to the testing bay where it undergoes its final test at which point a test certificate is issued with each machine to ensure it is ready for operation.