Precision Engineering

Our manufacturing facility consists of 2000m² under roof with over 15 different CNC machines. Our team consists of highly skilled artisans from a variety of engineering backgrounds. We are able to machine a variety of different items of varied material types


Turning Department

The turning department is the largest area in our factory consisting of 8 CNC lathes of various sizes and capacity. The majority of our new lathes are HURCO lathes, these include a TM6i, TM10i and TM12i. Our turning department makes excellent use of hard part turning to ensure excellent surface finishes and fine tolerances

Milling Department

The milling department has 4 CNC machining centres. One is dedicated to refurbishing segments and body parts to serve our drifter repair workshop. The remaining milling machines are used for CNC production, we have partnered with HURCO for our milling machines and the results have been phenomenal. We have one VMX10i and two VMX42i 4-axis machines.

Grinding Department

Our grinding department is critical in our production process as it allows us to machine to very fine and precise tolerances. We have five grinding machines including 2 Palmary CNC grinding machines. These CNC grinding machines give us access to faster production times as well as consistent quality and tolerances.

Tool Room (Conventional Machining)

Our toolroom is equipped with a wide range of conventional lathes and mills that allows us to do small run jobs quickly for clients without breaking production plans, and acts as a support to the production team and the core of the apprenticeship program.

Quality Assurance & Meteorology Department

Our Metrology department is the most important part within our factory as the quality of each component we manufacture is controlled and supported by the QA team. With a dedicated 50m² temperature controlled room, fitted with levelled granite worktops to ensure accuracy of measuring and with an extensive range of tools and measuring devices all of which are certified/calibrated annually. Our CMM machine (Coordinate Measuring Machine), hardness tester, electronic surface comparator, various measuring and testing equipment, and a CNC engraving machine allow the team to test to the finest possible level of accuracy of any item. Our CMM is being used more and more for quotations for engineering work for clients and is invaluable in measuring fine tolerances. Run by a team of highly qualified artisans under the guidance of our Senior QC controller, who has been working at Weco for more than 30 years we are able to reverse engineer as well as inspect almost any item to very fine tolerances.

Our QA team is also central in ensuring that we maintain our ISO9001:2015 standard as well as implementing our Lean Management System.