Parts Manufacturing

WECO is recognised in the industry as a leading supplier of quality rock drill parts and component spares, with in-house service and repair facilities for leading brands of hydraulic rock drills.

Four decades of focused dedication culminates in strict adherence to ISO 9001 criteria at each and every step of the manufacturing and repair process.

Our dedicated team of QA and R&D professionals ensure that continuous improvement takes place.

Our in-house manufacturing plant is open to client inspection.

WECO’s production team is led by experienced technical artisans who have industry specific experience.  We manufacture all our components in strict accordance with drawings and OEM guidelines.  As a local manufacturer, we meet the Mining Charter requirements of 56% minimum local manufacturing and we are proud to be ISO accredited.  All the parts we manufacture are guaranteed fit-for-purpose and carry a replacement warranty.

We deliver daily from our fully stocked stores, where ample supply of parts are maintained to support both our in-house repair facilities, as well as to supply directly to our customers throughout South Africa.

Quality Control

When working with hydraulic components for rock drills or drifters, quality is of utmost importance. At WECO, we not only realise this, we go out of our way to ensure that high levels of quality are maintained. This is not only evident in the fact that we’re an ISO9001 certified company, but the commitment we put into every single thing we do as well. WECO meets the standards of all Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in this industry, providing repairs and services that carry their stamp of approval.

We constantly strive to improve performance with our own, strict quality assurance methods, making sure our clients get the most value for their money. This is as applicable in our services as it is in our engineering and manufacturing department. At WECO, our fully warranted workmanship gives you the peace of mind that, should there be any defects due to factory or labour faults from our side, we will take responsibility and we will replace and repair and return the unit to service in the shortest possible timeframe.