Drifter Repairs

WECO’s dedicated drifter repair workshop in Krugersdorp has the capacity to strip, quote, repair and rebuild drifters (hydraulic rock drills) manufactured by the world’s leading brands.  We adhere to strict quality assurance standards as governed by ISO9001 and all repairs are warranted against faulty parts or workmanship.  Our drifter shop team is highly knowledgeable and technically qualified in their fields.  We constantly invest in further training and research and development to improve our products and service levels.

The repairs process takes a 3-phase approach. First we strip and inspect the equipment to ascertain what the problem is. This is followed by the actual repair work, reassembly and recoating after which it is returned to the customer with a 400 hour warranty.

An interesting approach implemented in 2014 is repairing for key clients on an exchange basis.  We hold in bond storage a number of the clients’ drifters, repaired and ready for dispatch.  These are released as the drivers deliver the units for repair, reducing downtime and creating a revolving supply, allowing our customers to better plan and manage their maintenance budgets.

All units that are repaired are returned to the customer with the damaged parts for the customer to evaluate and dispose of.  We back-up our quotation and each part of the repair process with photographic evidence.  This allows us to spend time evaluating the onsite practices that cause damage and increase maintenance and repair costs for our customers.

All units are tracked using the unique serial numbers and there is a service history available on each and every drifter repaired in our facility.

Strip and Quote

The strip and quote process takes 2 – 3 days to complete and is a detailed examination of each and every component part in the drifter.

Our quotations are detailed and presented in a visual photographic format to support our quote, as well as a failure report giving further detailed insight into correctible problems experienced on site.

Once the drifter is in piece format, it is locked into its own holding container to prevent loss or further damage to the parts during the waiting period from quotation to order.

This is just one small value added safety measure that our customers have found enhances the WECO customer experience - just a part of our promise to provide Rock Solid Dependability™

The next phase includes repairs and reassembly of the equipment with testing before being returned to the customer with a 400-hour warranty. With rigorous quality assurance methods we ensure that the drifter is working as efficiently as possible and that we are fully satisfied that it is functional – all part of ensuring customer satisfaction through Service Excellence.